Repeating columns for each row in the audit report

Applies to
ApexSQL Trigger

Triggers were created to audit updates on the table and the update query affected 5 rows, but in the audit report there are repeating columns for each row

This could be caused by the effects of Row key feature

The Row key feature is used to uniquely define a row in the table. It should always be unique. By default ApexSQL Trigger defines Row key with the following priorities:

  1. Primary key of the table
  2. Identity column of a table
  3. Unique index of a table
  4. All non blob columns

By default, the key columns are the Primary key columns. If no Primary key exists:

  1. ApexSQL Trigger will look next for Unique indexes and Identity fields to use as the key
  2. If no Unique index or Identity field exists then there will be no key selection. The Row key will have to be defined to allow Update triggers to work properly. If the Row key values are duplicating, the trigger’s logic can write some additional non-existent changes or it will fail

About ApexSQL Trigger
ApexSQL Trigger is a database auditing tool for SQL Server which allows you to monitor when and how the data was changed and who made the change. Audit SQL Server 2000 – 2008 R2 databases

Last updated
July 29, 2012