The ‘External refs’ column in result grid does not show accurate number of external references

Applies to
ApexSQL Clean

This article describes the issue of incorrect number of external dependencies in the External refs column of the ApexSQL Clean results grid

If the user includes an external database or a supported project file (Delphi, C++, ASP, or any other client code) in the ApexSQL Clean references analysis, the External refs column of the results grid will show wrong number of dependencies

External refs column in ApexSQL Clean

If the user didn’t include the external client code or an external database, the External refs column will still show the existence of dependencies in the External refs column

Due to a bug in ApexSQL Clean code, the External refs column shows the incorrect number of external dependencies. In case when external code or a database are not added to analysis, ApexSQL Clean doesn’t recognize if a reference is external or internal and still shows the results in the External refs column

Affected versions
ApexSQL Clean 2011.02.0142 and older

Planned resolution
ApexSQL is currently working to fix this issue permanently