Preview option fails to generate report and display event data

Applies to

ApexSQL Audit

Problem description

When the Preview button is clicked, the preview generation lasts unusually long and, when finished, no results are being displayed in the central grid view. The central grid will display the “No events found” message, even though the data search returned information that there are some rows found in the targeted scope (the Total events information below the central grid view), which indicates that, in fact, there is some data to display.

An object containing special characters in the schema name is shown as non-existing on a database side in the Action center tab after the initial commit is finished

Applies to

ApexSQL Source Control


After the linking process and initial commit is done objects with the special characters in their name will be listed only in the Repository column like they have not been committed at all. Those objects will be listed as the Custom script type under the Type column and the wrong schema will be listed under the Schema column.