Windows stops responding after ApexSQL Audit is installed

The article explains what to do when the operating system freezes after ApexSQL Audit has been installed.

The operating system becomes unresponsive after ApexSQL Audit is installed

There is not enough free space on the drive where the Users directory and the ProgramData directory are located. This is usually the C drive for a default operating system installation.

The SQL Server trace files and packages are filling up the disk, since the system cannot process them and insert them into the ApexSQL Audit central repository database fast enough, due to low disk space and/or processing power.

As transactions are occurring in the database, new trace files are created, but not processed. Like with other memory problems, the system becomes unresponsive.

Affected versions:
ApexSQL Audit 2013.01.1114 and earlier

Check the free space on the drive and free it up manually, or stop ApexSQL Audit auditing until the disk space problem is resolved. Free space can also be gained by archiving the records in ApexSQL Audit Central repository database.

The free space necessary on the drive depends on how busy the database is and other processes on the system, but it shouldn’t be less than 1 GB.

The fix for this issue will be implemented in the next release. We apologize for any inconvenience.