ApexSQL add-ins do not integrate with SQL Server Management Studio 18 GA version

Applies to

ApexSQL add-ins


SSMS 18 is no longer in preview mode and is the first General Availability (GA) version of SSMS 18 is out aka

  • “ApexSQL add-ins not working on SSMS 18 GA release”
  • “ApexSQL add-ins stopped working on SSMS 18 GA release”
  • “ApexSQL add no longer work on SSMS 18 GA release”

Version Information:

  • Release number: 18.0 (GA)
  • Build number: 15.0.18118.0
  • Release date: April 24, 2019


With the latest generation of SQL Server Management Studio, when an ApexSQL add-in installation is ran the pop-up message is shown that selected version is not installed like shown in the figure below:

However, this is not the case because SSMS 18 is installed on a machine:


Below is the list of add-in products in which this issue has been fixed:

  • ApexSQL Complete 2018 R10
  • ApexSQL Refactor 2018 R7
  • ApexSQL Search 2018 R8
  • ApexSQL Source Control 2018 R12
  • ApexSQL Unit Test 2018 R4

Stand-alone products with add-in integration will have SSMS 18 GA support in May:

  • ApexSQL Compare 2018 R4
  • ApexSQL Data Diff 2018 R7
  • ApexSQL Decrypt 2018 R2
  • ApexSQL Diff 2018 R5
  • ApexSQL Doc 2018 R5
  • ApexSQL Enforce 2018 R6
  • ApexSQL Generate 2018 R4
  • ApexSQL Model 2018 R4
  • ApexSQL Plan 2018 R8