How to determine whether ApexSQL Log CLI has stopped working

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ApexSQL Log

This article explains how to determine whether ApexSQL Log CLI has stopped working

The application running is undetermined. There are no new output lines in the console

Analyzing huge transaction logs can cause ApexSQL Log to become non-responsive

To check if the ApexSQL Log is still running, do the following:

  1. Open Windows Task Manager
  2. Select Processes tab and open Select Columns dialog
  3. Select I/O Read Bytes
  4. Click OK and check the following value for ApexSQLLog.exe value

If the value of I/O Read Bytes keeps changing – ApexSQL Log is still analyzing transaction log sources

Also check the size of the output file created by ApexSQL Log. If its size is increasing – ApexSQL Log is still running

About ApexSQL Log
ApexSQL Log is a SQL Server auditing and recovery solution. Use ApexSQL Log to recover data, undo INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE commands and audit schema changes. Read the transaction log to find out who created, changed or dropped a database object

Last updated
July 27, 2012