What should I do if ApexSQL Log returns fewer transactions than I expected?

Applies to
ApexSQL Log, ApexSQL Log API

This article explains what to do when fewer transactions than expected are returned by ApexSQL Log

ApexSQL Log displays fewer transactions in the main grid, or scripts fewer transactions in the output script than expected

This is caused by insufficient information in the data sources (online transaction logs, detached transaction logs, and transaction log backups) or wrong filter options used

Check the Recovery model of the SQL Server database read by ApexSQL Log. If the Simple recovery model is used, this behavior is expected because old transactions are overwritten with newer ones, so only the most recent transactions are available. If the Full recovery model is used, the full chain of transaction log backups will be provided

Also, the transactions can be filtered out. Wrong filters used will remove the expected transactions from the result set. For example, the Time filter set to show only the transactions that occurred in the last 24 hours will ignore all the previous transactions. Please refer to the Advanced filtering options knowledgebase article for more details

As AppData, ApplicationData, and ProgramData are hidden folders, enable the Show hidden files and folders Windows option

In the Windows Explorer:

  1. Click on the View
  2. Select the Option
  3. Select the View card
  4. Select the Show hidden files and folders option