Memory usage of SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio spikes with ApexSQL Complete

This article explains about an excessive memory usage problem when the ApexSQL Complete Auto-complete option is enabled with the Syntax error highlighting option

Memory usage increases up to 70+% when using ApexSQL Complete

This issue occurs when working with large scripts and the Auto-complete and Syntax error highlighting options are both enabled. The Syntax error highlighting option in general consumes large memory resources because all database objects are loaded for checking

When the Syntax error highlighting option is disabled, there is no additional usage of memory

Affected versions:
ApexSQL Complete 2013.01.0015 and previous

Download version 2013.02 or higher. Implement suggested workaround and described below

We have implemented a feature in version 2013.01 that enables a workaround: the Syntax error highlighting feature can now be enabled or disabled from the ApexSQL Complete menu

We are researching a permanent solution to this error

Implemented in version:
ApexSQL Complete 2013.02.0017