I get the message “The specified path is too long” when attempting to update the product

Applies to
All ApexSQL products

This article shows how to solve the issue of “The specified path is too long” error being encountered during the product update

In case the ApexSQL product used is not of the latest version, the Automatically check for updates on Application Start-up option is checked and all the files necessary for upgrade are downloaded, upon starting product update the following error message occurs:

The fully qualified file name must be shorter than 260 characters and the path name shorter than 248 characters.

This is a known Windows limitation.
The installation folder path length and the length of the file name should not exceed the given number of characters.

During the product installation, the installation folder must be chosen. If a folder with a short path is chosen, this error won’t appear. It is not possible to change the installation folder during the automatic update.

To work around this problem, please download ApexSQL Installer
Just install the ApexSQL product into a new folder.

In Vista and Windows 7, this can be worked around by using mklink.exe for directory junctions and symbolic links.

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Last updated
July 18, 2012