An “Insufficient credentials” error is displayed when attempting to install the server-side components

Applies to
ApexSQL Log 2014

This article explains what to do when the “Insufficient credentials” error is displayed

An error is displayed during the installation of the server-side components

Insufficient user permissions to install the server-side components

Make sure that the computer user account used to run the installation:

  • Is a member of the Windows administrators group on the machine the installation has been started on
  • Has Windows administrative privileges on the machine on which the SQL Server is installed
  • Is a member of the fixed sysadmin SQL Server role

Try to install the server-side components again

See also
ApexSQL Log installation manual


Obsolete from version ApexSQL Log 2016 onwards, since no server-side components are installed on the SQL Server anymore

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ApexSQL Log is a SQL Server Transaction Log reader that allows viewing transaction log data in read-friendly format. Audit and undo SQL database changes of your choosing. Determine who changed the data and when the change occurred. Read the transaction log to find out who created, changed or dropped a database object

Last updated
Nov 30, 2015