Indexes rebuild operations are not properly replicated

Applies to:

ApexSQL Log

Brief description:

Replicating “Rebuild index” DDL operation (creating a redo script) with ApexSQL Log will:

  • Create phantom insert statement in transaction log auditing results and apply them to replica
  • Report job failure when tables with no primary keys are affected

The ‘Unknown error has occurred. Please see %AppData%\Local\ApexSQL\<ApexSQL application name>\crash.txt’ error is encountered when starting application

Applies to
ApexSQL Log, ApexSQL Recover

This article explains how to resolve an issue which prevents ApexSQL Log or ApexSQL Recover from starting. When either application is launched, the ‘Unknown error has occurred. Please see %AppData%\Local\ApexSQL\<application name>\crash.txt’ error is encountered, and application fails to start.