Indexes rebuild operations are not properly replicated

Applies to:

ApexSQL Log

Brief description:

Replicating “Rebuild index” DDL operation (creating a redo script) with ApexSQL Log will:

  • Create phantom insert statement in transaction log auditing results and apply them to replica
  • Report job failure when tables with no primary keys are affected

ApexSQL add-ins do not show in Visual Studio 2019

Applies to

ApexSQL add-ins


With the release of Visual Studio 2019, Microsoft added tags in the Extensions and Updates dialog to help quickly understand whether an extension is in Preview, is a Paid extension, or is in a Trial period. This article explains how to find the installation of ApexSQL add-ins in the latest version of Visual Studio when ApexSQL item is not available among the main menu in the host application.

Internal server error

Applies to
ApexSQL Monitor

The Internal server error warning message appears in the Dashboard page when in the instance tree view a particular SQL Server is selected.