ApexSQL Source Control shared database model doesn’t work after update

Applies to
ApexSQL Source Control

After upgrading from the previous versions to 2015.03.0065 or higher, ApexSQL Source Control cannot detect the previously linked shared databases and a “The path is not of a legal form” error is encountered when opening the Action Center tab:

Affected versions
ApexSQL Source Control 2015 R2 and earlier


To bring ApexSQL Source Control 2015 R3 into a working state as it was prior to upgrade:

  1. Select shared database in Object Explorer and click Remove link to source control:

  2. Manually delete system tables, system stored procedure and database trigger that have been created by ApexSQL Source Control:

  3. Close the SQL Server Management Studio
  4. Delete ApexSQL Source Control application data folder located at: C:\Users\<current_user>\AppData\Local\ApexSQL\
  5. Start SQL Server Management Studio, right-click the database, and in context menu select Link database to source control from the ApexSQL Source Control submenu: