Functionality in ApexSQL Complete is disabled

Applies to
ApexSQL Complete and ApexSQL Search

This issue is encountered after the installation of ApexSQL Complete and ApexSQL Search latest releases. Due to the conflict issue between mentioned add-ins, functionality in ApexSQL Complete is disabled.

Issues that can be experienced:

  1. The auto-complete and auto-replacement features cannot be enabled
  2. ApexSQL Complete options cannot be opened
  3. The Tab navigation, Code structure, and Executed queries features cannot be started
  4. The Manage auto-replacements and Manage snippets options cannot be opened
  5. Resource buttons won’t open the required content


Due to a bug in ApexSQL Search, which causes conflict issue between add-ins and ApexSQL Complete functionality becomes disabled.

Affected versions:

ApexSQL Complete 2014.06.0045
ApexSQL Search 2014.02.0021


ApexSQL Complete: Download the ApexSQL Complete release from here
ApexSQL Search: Download the ApexSQL Search patch from here