“Internal server error”, missing performance data, page cannot load or corrupted pages issues occur after application update

Applies to

ApexSQL Monitor, ApexSQL BI Monitor, ApexSQL VM Monitor


The “Internal server error” warning message appears in the various application pages, pages without performance data or corrupted pages are displayed, or page cannot be loaded issues might be encountered after the application is updated to a newer version.


The various issues that occur after upgrading the application to a new version could be manifested in various ways, and some of the most common symptoms are listed here.

Internal server error and data not displayed in charts

The page cannot be loaded completely

Corrupted pages


The cause of those problems is the way web browsers are handling the cache. After the upgrade of the application, the browser still tries to use and call the pages he keeps stored in the cache, but changes made in a newer version prevents the browser to complete the page loading correctly, which causes the described issues.


To resolve the problem, clear the cache in the web browser used with the application. Since it is not possible to predict whether and where the problem will occur after updating to the newer version, it is advisable to perform browser cache clearing after every application update to prevent potential issues.