The “The server <server_name> doesn’t exist in the database” error is encountered when disabling the monitored SQL Server

Applies to
ApexSQL Monitor


After extended work in the ApexSQL Monitor console, when user selects the monitored SQL: Server instance from the monitored servers list and presses the Disable button, the error message “The server <server_name> doesn’t exist in the database” will pop up and the operation will not be accomplished leaving SQL Server enabled.

Affected versions:

ApexSQL Monitor 2014.03.0072 and earlier


To prevent the above-mentioned error and be able to disable the instance:

  1. Close ApexSQL Monitor
  2. Navigate to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools
  3. Start Services.exe
  4. Select the ApexSQLMonitor service and right click on it
  5. Select the Restart from the context menu
  6. Wait for Service control to accomplish restart
  7. Check that the ApexSQLMonitor service status is Running
  8. Start the ApexSQL Monitor

New you can disable selected SQL Server instances without encountering the error.

Planned Resolution 
ApexSQL is currently working to fix this issue permanently.