The “Files are in use” error occurs when upgrading ApexSQL Monitor

Applies to
ApexSQL Monitor

When installing the ApexSQL Monitor public release over the ApexSQL Monitor alpha version, an error occurs.

During the ApexSQL Monitor 2014 installation, if ApexSQL Monitor alpha exists on the machine, the error message might appear saying the files are in use and the installation process stops.

In this situation, we recommend to manually uninstall the ApexSQL Monitor GUI, stop the ApexSQL Monitor service, and delete the ApexSQL Monitor central repository database, and then to re-install ApexSQL Monitor. No restart is necessary.

To uninstall the ApexSQL Monitor GUI manually:

  1. Open Windows Control Panel
  2. Select Programs and Features, or Programs | Uninstall a program
  3. Select ApexSQL Monitor
  4. Click Uninstall

To stop the ApexSQL Monitor service manually:

  1. Open Windows Control Panel
  2. Open Administrative tools
  3. Open Services
  4. Select the ApexSQL Monitor service
  5. Right-click it and select Stop in its context menu, or click Stop Service in the menu

To delete the ApexSQL Monitor central repository database manually:

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio, or any other integrated developer environment tool for SQL Server
  2. In Object Explorer, expand the Databases node
  3. Select the ApeSQLMonitor database
  4. Right-click it and select Delete

Now, install ApexSQL Monitor again.