SQL Server database can’t be taken offline when monitored via ApexSQL Monitor

Applies to
ApexSQL Monitor


A SQL Server instance can’t be put offline using the SSMS Take Offline command when the hosting SQL Server is monitored by ApexSQL Monitor

Affected versions:

ApexSQL Monitor 2014 R3 and earlier


For users that run into this issue, the problem can be solved by temporarily by stopping the ApexSQL Monitor service. To do that:

  1. Run Services from the Control Panel->All Control Panel Items->Administrative Tools
  2. Locate and select the ApexSQLMonitor service

  3. Press the Stop the service on the left side and wait for the ApexSQLMonitor service to stop

  4. Once the ApexSQLMonitor service is stopped, the database will be taken offline successfully

  5. Press Start the service to start the ApexSQLMonitor service again

ApexSQL plans to fix this issue in the next immediate release and we apologize for the inconvenience