The “Formatting profiles with duplicate names exist” message is shown when adding a new profile or when saving changes to an existing one

Applies to

ApexSQL Refactor version 2018.02


This article explains how to resolve the problem with duplicate of profiles which prevents us from saving a newly created profile.


After creating a new profile and setting some options, when click on the Save button of the Options dialog, the “Formatting profiles with duplicate names exist” message appears:

When checking the list of the profiles under the Profile drop-down box, all profile names will be changed to the ApexSQL pre-defined profile:

Because of that, the newly created profile cannot be saved:

This happens for new users of version 2018.02 who haven’t previously installed ApexSQL Refactor

Affected version:

ApexSQL Refactor 2018.02.0318


Uninstall ApexSQL Refactor and delete the Options file which by default is located on this path: C:\Users\<User name>\AppData\Local\ApexSQL\ApexSQL Refactor

Install the latest version from this link.