ApexSQL Add-ins “crowding” menus in SSMS and VS

This article explains about the problem of ApexSQL Add-ins “crowding” menus in Visual Studio and SSMS and the resolution

Visual Studio and SQL server Management Studio menu bars is “crowded” with ApexSQL Add-ins

ApexSQL Add-ins affected:

ApexSQL Complete 2012.03.0009 and previous
ApexSQL Refactor 2013.02.0043 and previous
ApexSQL Search 2013.01.0006 and previous
ApexSQL Version 2012.02.0016 and previous
ApexSQL Profile 2012.01.0031 and previous
ApexSQL Diff 2012.02.0282 and previous
ApexSQL Data Diff 2012.02.0030 and previous

ApexSQL Complete, ApexSQL Profile, ApexSQL Refactor, ApexSQL Search and ApexSQL Version add-in versions released on June 28, 2013 have been updated so that their sub-menus are now consolidated into a single ApexSQL top level menu. This reduces the “crowding” effect with many installed add-ins

Resolved starting from the versions:

ApexSQL Complete 2012.03.0011
ApexSQL Refactor 2013.02.0045
ApexSQL Search 2013.01.0008
ApexSQL Version 2012.02.0022
ApexSQL Profile 2012.01.0032

Additional plans
ApexSQL Diff add-in menu will be updated to consolidate its menu and in the same way resolved shortly

Last updated
July 11, 2013