Craniate ERM Diagram “Component Licensing” dialog is shown when graphical dependencies are included

This article explains what to do when the ”Component Licensing” dialog appears with the message “ERM Diagram 4.1. You have xx days remaining of your evaluation” when using the Visual dependencies feature

The request to activate the third-party ERM Diagram message shows up when the using visual dependencies graphs


Affected versions:

ApexSQL Search 2013.02.0008 and previous
ApexSQL Doc 2013.02.0238 and previous

After the “Component Licensing” dialog appears, it will take 5 seconds before it allows the user to click the OK button. Click the OK button and application will continue to work normally. The “unlicensed” ERM Diagram is fully functional and does not have any limitations

ApexSQL does in fact have a commercial license for this component but due to a bug in the product the dialog is still shown

Download the latest version of ApexSQL Search from here

Download the ApexSQL Doc patch from here

Last review
September, 20 2013