Cannot update the ApexSQL Monitor user console to a newer version

Applies to
ApexSQL Monitor


On computers where only the user console is installed, the installer will offer only the full installation of ApexSQL Monitor, instead of clean updating of the user console

Affected versions:

ApexSQL Monitor 2014.03.0072


To avoid the full installation of ApexSQL Monitor and install the user console only:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\ Programs and Features
  2. Select the ApexSQL Monitor 2014 and press Uninstall
  3. Wait until the ApexSQL Monitor 2014 was successfully removed from your computer message and press OK
  4. Run the ApexSQL Monitor.exe
  5. Select the Console install (install only the user console) radio button
  6. Press Next and wait until the installation completes


ApexSQL is currently working to fix this issue permanently.