Shotgun weddings and Auto-updaters

Applies to
All ApexSQL products

ApexSQL products contain Auto-updater, which notifies users of updates and allows them to automatically update to new versions. However, Auto-updater might not warn users who still have an older product version that the update is a new major version and that they should check their eligibility at our upgrade center (or contacting sales)

The newer updater dialog (shown below) gives even more explicit warnings as well as present a validation message when the customer presses ‘Next’

There are two ways to solve the problem:

  • Revert to the old version

Simply uninstall the new version and download and install the old version

After downgrading make sure to turn off the Auto-updater:

  • Upgrade to the new version

Existing customers always get a discount on new versions of the products, no matter how long ago they purchased an older version or have been out of maintenance. Contact Sales for help in purchasing a new version, or visit our upgrade center to check maintenance status and upgrade costs

For additional assistance, other questions, etc. please contact Sales

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Last updated
July 29, 2012